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How to download BBC iPlayer Videos and Keep them

Have you ever wondered how you can download a video from BBC iPlayer and play it without it ever expiring? It’s a well-known fact that days after you’ve downloaded a programme from the BBC iPlayer that it will be unavailable and will have expired, meaning you can’t play it. This article isn’t intended to encourage law breaking; this article was written to solve a problem. It should also be noted that things can change, this tutorial method was working on the 19/01/2014. It’s possible that in the future this method will no longer work.

There are many tutorials floating around the internet recommending software etc that remove DRM, however, none of these appear to work anymore.

BBC programmes aren’t available for those outside of the UK. If your IP address isn’t UK based, then you won’t be able to use this method.

Now let’s explore a working method on how you can download a video from BBC iPlayer and keep it without restrictions.

Download Software

  • Step one requires you to download a piece of software. Click here to download. Install the software.

Open the Software

  • Locate the software and open it. You will see a black command prompt screen.
  • Next you’ll need to type get_iplayer followed by the name of the desired programme. An example would be: get_iplayer eastenders. PRESS Enter.
  • Now you’ll be presented with the latest available programmes for what you entered. You’ll notice that each programme has an ID number.
  • Choose which you want and then type get_iplayer –get “ID goes here”. Don’t forget to hit enter. Put the ID of the programme you want where it says “ID goes here”, don’t type the Ellipsis.  An example would be: get_iplayer –get 255. Hit Enter.
  • Now the programme will start to download.
  • Once finished the MP4 file will be located in the folder location you choose when installing the software (default is a folder on your desktop).

Now you can enjoy the programme without any expiring issues. Remember to check all legalities before attempting to use this guide.

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