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How To Remove A Rat Infestation

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Rats. The very word sends a shudder down most people’s spines, and if you were to have suspicions about them occupying or invading your home you’re going to need to know how to detect them and how to remove them.

To help you out, I’ve put together a guide to pest control 24/7:

Why get any rats removed?

Rats carry a number of diseases, which can be passed on to humans and other pets. Rats naturally carry salmonella, e.coli and tuberculosis, but they also carry fleas, mites and ticks which can cause a number of allergic reactions.

Rats in your garden?

You may not think it’s a massive problem, but it is, even if you don’t actually use your garden often. Rats only need a very small space, about a 1cm gap, to squeeze themselves into your home and invade your space.

Rats in your home?

Rats are nocturnal and shy, so seeing them go boldly through your home will not happen. Instead, look for the signs of infestation. It’s highly recommended that you wear protective masks and gloves while searching your home.

What are the signs?

Here are a few of the signs that will show you that you have rats in your home:

  • Droppings –  these are dark coloured and between 10mm and 14mm long.
  • Smell – check the loft, beneath floorboards and in cupboards, and keep your nose trained on a strong ammonia-like smell.
  • Noises – rats aren’t silent, but they are very quiet. Keep your ears open for scratching noises in cavity walls, in the loft, under any garden decking and under the floorboards.
  • Teeth marks – check any food packaging for teeth marks and any signs of gnawing on wood and plastic.

You can also do some deeper investigating yourself. Check any warm, dark and well concealed places for any gathering of newspapers, plastic, wood or any other sort of materials. This could be a nest.

How to repel rats?

There are plenty of products that are readily available from specialist stockists and supermarkets, which you can use to repel any rats and deter them from entering your home. Just ensure that these products are safe to use, in-case of contact with children, pets and other wildlife.

Other items that you can purchase are sound emitters, which humans can’t hear, and traps and poisons. Check sheds and sewerage access points to ensure that this is properly maintained.

How to remove any rats or rat infestation?

The best advice is to get a professional to carry out rat removals. They will use a variety of techniques to remove the infestation from your home. As always, they will instruct you as to what methods are being used.

In addition to this, a professional service will also remove and/or quote for, the removal of your loft insulation and for this to be replaced. This is where most rat nests are found so the insulation will need replacing as it will be soaked in rat urine and other debris.

You can also check out some peoples recommendations, but always ensure that a professional is used.

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