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How To Extend The Life Of Your Car

Many car owners will have paid quite a lot of money to buy their cars, so itís only natural that they will want to keep them on the road for as long as possible, and for the least amount of cost. If you are one of those car owners, then here are some top tips for you to check out which will help you extend the life of your car!

1. Donít drive your car like you stole it

Some people believe that all modern cars can take pretty much any abuse thrown at them! Sadly for them, nothing could be further from the truth! Although in general car manufacturers design their vehicles to withstand a lot of hard driving as well as wear and tear, components on a car will start to fail after a period of time.

According to, by driving your car hard all the time, you will be shortening the lifespan of those components – which for you will mean that you have to spend a load of cash repairing your car!

2. Perform weekly checks

If the only time your car is ever checked over is when it has its annual service, then you should prepare yourself for some future, expensive repair bills at the garage! All motorists should perform weekly checks on their car, such as checking and topping up all vital fluids like oil and coolant, and checking the condition of tyres, suspension and braking components.

The AA has a page on their website dedicated to showing you what regular checks you should be performing on your car.

3. Treat your car to some super unleaded

Super unleaded used to be a type of fuel marketed mainly to people with powerful Japanese imports that need to run on a higher octane fuel, but virtually all modern cars with petrol engines can easily run on both regular unleaded petrol and super unleaded.

The main benefits to super unleaded petrol is that it can help to prevent a carbon build-up inside of the engine, and in most cases a better fuel economy can be enjoyed. This is because super unleaded contains some extra chemicals that are designed to keep your engine running in even better shape than it would if you only used regular unleaded petrol.

4. Donít have loads of keys attached to your key ring

You might think this is an odd suggestion, but hear me out! Basically if your collection of keys is quite heavy, this can put extra strain on the ignition barrel of your car, which can then eventually lead to the premature wear of the tumblers inside of it – effectively resulting in your having to buy a brand new ignition barrel!

5. Keep your car clean

Not only will you be able to better enjoy driving your car if it doesnít resemble the inside of a smelly rubbish bin, but it will also help you to maintain the highest possible value of the car should you decide to sell it one day!

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