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How to feed a Rabbit

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If you have a pet rabbit then you are probably wanting to know exactly what food they enjoy. Give a rabbit grass, meadow and clover hay, all garden greenstuffs, cow parsley, dandelion leaves, the green tops of root crops such as carrots, turnips and swedes. In winter rabbits particularly enjoy clover and hay. Bran can be damped to a crumbly mass that holds together when squeezed in the hand.

What you shouldn’t feed a rabbit
You should never feed a rabbit with raw potatoes, rhubarb, chrysanthemum, foxglove, geranium, hemlock, henbane or any evergreen such as laurel, privet or yew. All stale uneaten food must be removed on a daily basis.

Useful tips

Rabbits have a habit of either scratching the food out of a dish, or lifting it in their teeth and spilling the contents on the floor. The food container should therefore be secured to the floor. Water containers should be secured to the side of the hutch and fitted with metal drinking tubes at a convenient height to the rabbit.

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