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How To Get A Good Night Of Sleep

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All of us struggle to sleep well at some point. It may be caused by being too hot, or by having kids that won’t settle for the night. There are plenty of reasons why sleep may be disturbed, but for some, just getting off to sleep is challenging. If just the thought of your morning alarm gives you sleepless nights, then try these simple ideas to improve your quality and quantity of sleep:

Bed – The bed is the most uncomfortable place when you’re trying to fall asleep. And yet it becomes too comfortable to leave by the time your alarm goes off. If you look at mattresses at or your preferred retailer, you will see that not all beds are the same. Pick a mattress that keeps you cool in the heat and suits your preferred sleeping position. Remember, your bed is for sleeping in, not watching TV.

Purpose – Your bedroom is where you sleep. Try to keep all other tasks, chores and activities out of there. If you only get into bed to sleep, your body and mind will soon get into the habit of doing just that when you get in and under the covers. Watching TV to fall asleep can actually cause you to stay awake longer than you should while lying down. Keep the room cool and dark, and clutter free.

Hot and Cold – Heating your body up and then allowing it to cool rapidly helps you fall asleep. If your room is too hot, you can’t cool down to the ideal temperature for sleeping. A warm bath can be perfect for helping you fall asleep because you rapidly cool off when you get out. An icy drink of water can help you feel comfortable snuggling down into the duvet too. Avoid tea, coffee or hot chocolate though as these contain stimulants.

Routine – Make your bedtime routine as regular as clockwork. Start by brushing your teeth and cleansing your face. Change into your pajamas and climb into bed. Even lying on the same side each night when you turn out the lights can help trigger your body into sleep mode. It doesn’t really matter what you do at bedtime before laying down, just make sure you do it every night.


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Diet, Exercise, and Water – These three things can contribute to your ability or inability to sleep well. You need to eat enough to get through the fasting period of sleeping, so don’t skip your evening meals. You also need to exercise enough for your body to feel tired. A good diet and exercise help relax you so your body and mind can rest when you go to bed. Finally, water keeps your body hydrated through the night. It allows it to get on with digestion, cell renewal, and brain activity.

It takes only three weeks to be into a steady routine, so start yours today to improve your sleep. Resorting to prescribed pills to help you fall asleep should be done only when all else has failed. If you are exercising and eating well each day, try Yoga or meditations to help calm your mind for sleep. Good night!


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