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How to Learn Another Language Step by Step

A lot of people are put off learning another language simply because it requires time, dedication and most of all patience. Yes, the process can be difficult, it will take effort, and probably quite some time before you’re fluent. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Speaking multiple languages can help you in so many aspects of life, from getting jobs, making holidays more enjoyable and impressing your friends. Learning a language is a skill, so here we go through it step by step.


First off, try practicing the harder sounds rather than the easy sounds. Practice every single day, until you feel confident enough to continue. Getting this over with will make the rest of the learning feel like a breeze! Once you have practiced the hardest sounds, practice the most commonly used words and phrases. You can learn and check your pronunciation with apps such as WordPower to help you. There are loads of other apps to try on the Apple app store.


Try audio books, as these can really improve your listening skills. There are audio books available in all languages which helps you when your learning portuguese, french or any other language. Repeat bits from the book to help with your pronunciation.

To help your reading skills, purchase a physical book in the language you wish to learn. This can be a dictionary or language learning book, but a children’s book in your chosen language is a lot more fun! Try newspapers, magazines, and plays to help you too!

Keep a Notebook

Write down phrases and words you like in your notebook. Write down things you are having difficulty remembering. Then use your notebook to help you revise! Use a dictionary to copy definitions into your notebook. Doing this will have you thinking in the language you want to learn!


Watch TV in the language you want to learn. This is a nice way to start learning as you will have visual images to help you along. The program can be anything from news to a crime drama. Doing a few simple searches on a search engine can come up with a load of websites you can get stuck into!

Try Youtube for videos too, and practice your words, phrases and pronunciation along with the native speaker or speakers.

Get Your Grammar Right

This is really important, as you want to be understood properly by the natives. You wouldn’t say, “I please have glass water” in english so why say it in another language? Practice your verbs, common regular and irregular.


If you don’t want to learn the language alone, there’s always the option of enrolling yourself on a course. This is a good way to learn as you have a professional or even a native speaker to help you.

Use Sticky Labels

Get some sticky notes or labels and label everything in your house. It might look like some weird new decoration, but you’ll be remembering words without even trying. This is another activity that will have you thinking in your chosen language!


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