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How To Learn To Ride A Motorbike

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Are you interested in learning how to ride a motorbike? It’s not as difficult as many people believe it to be. Learning to ride a motorbike can typically be divided into three different sections.

The First Course

On the first course, you will typically head to a track. There, under the supervision of an instructor, you’ll get the hang of the basics. You’ll learn important details such as how to balance and steer. Both are new elements that make riding completely different from driving. These courses can last half an hour or a couple of hours depending on the company running it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve completed the off track course, you’ll gain a provisional license. You will be able to ride your motorbike with a learner’s plate as much as you like in your own time. You can practice on the road and get ready for the big test that will follow. It will be up to you to decide when you take your test and get rid of the learner plate.

Taking The Test

During the test, you will be given an earpiece. You will then be instructed to ride around with an instructor following behind in a car. In some cases, you are now also given a camera so instructors can see things from your point of view. This may allow them to see whether you have noticed certain hazards.

Remember that you will need a different license depending on the type of bike you want to ride. The infographic shows everything you need to understand about this.


Infographic Credit To Bikesure

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