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How To Lower Your Car Insurance Quote

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We all know that buying and running a car is expensive. The initial price tag is often extortionate, and that’s before you’ve added on all the extra fees! Then, of course, you’ve got to pay for the running costs, like petrol and parking charges. Last of all, there’s the real kicker, tax and insurance. Insurance costs vary wildly, based on a number of different factors. The car you buy and your lifestyle choices all combine to calculate your quote. So, how exactly do you find the lowest possible quote for your car?

Start with the right vehicle

Every car on the market falls into a particular insurance bracket. Insurers calculate their premium based on the risk involved when driving. As you can imagine, bigger cars are considered more dangerous. They’ll cause more damage, and incur bigger costs as a result. On the other hand, small, economical cars are relatively cheap to insure. They’re less dangerous on the road, and they’ll typically last longer. Insurers also take the car’s safety rating into account. Naturally, the safer the car, the lower your insurance. So, start by checking the insurance cost of your car before you do anything else.


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Make your car more secure

One of the big factors that affects your car insurance quote is the security of your vehicle. If you park your car on the street in a dodgy neighbourhood, you’ll incur a much higher insurance premium. That’s because the car is much more likely to get broken into or stolen. But, keep it in a locked garage, and you’ll lower the price significantly. You could also invest in GPS trackers, immobilisers, and safety devices to give your vehicle an extra level of protection.

Get an extra qualification

In many countries, there is an additional driving qualification that will lower your insurance rate. These qualifications are aimed at teaching you to become a better and safer driver. They’ll instruct you properly on driving at night and driving on motorways. With this qualification, insurers can assume you’re a safer, more conscientious driver. Insurers like to reward good drives, so you’ll receive a cut-price quote.

Change the cover you need

When you buy car insurance, there are different versions available. Typically, drivers opt for ‘fully comprehensive’ insurance, which covers them for just about everything. It will cover your car in an accident, and that of others. But, this is the most expensive policy. Instead, you could take out a third-party policy (or third-party fire and theft). If your car isn’t worth very much, this is often the best choice. It will cover other drivers if you’re involved in an accident, but your car is excluded. Drivers often consider this when the potential cost of repairs are equal to or higher than the value of the car.

Shop around for deals

Don’t always assume that your existing car insurer is the cheapest. Deals and offers change every day in the insurance world. Load up, and hunt out the cheapest deal on your current model. Switching insurers can save you hundreds. It’s well worth it.

Cutting your insurance quote will save you a fortune on running costs. It’s one of the best ways to make your driving more affordable.

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