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How To Make It Through An Auto Accident

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Auto accidents are awful. They can hurt. They can traumatize. They can be very expensive too. Getting through one can be a harsh ride. So how are you going to cope if you’re involved in an auto accident? Read more for an easy guide for getting through an auto accident.


Safety First

Ensure everybody in your car is okay.That includes you. Any injuries may not be apparent at first glance, but once the shock has worn off, you’re going to know about it. You may have banged your head on the side of the door. You might have fractured your wrist on the steering wheel. You may just have got whiplash. Whatever the problem, make sure you know about it. Moving after the accident may make injuries worse if you have any.


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Engine Off

It’s very important you turn the engine off as soon as possible. If the car is damaged, that means electrical and fuel components may be exposed. If the two were to meet, that could cause a fire. A fire could then cause an explosion of the fuel tank. Turn the engine off as soon as you can. If for whatever reason the engine won’t turn off, get out of the car and get to a safe distance.

Exchange Details

Be frank and to the point with this. You’ve both just had an auto accident and are probably not in the mood for small talk. Be aware that anything you say at this point may be used against you if this ends up in a court case. If it does go to a court case, you need a specialist auto accident firm. Morris, King & Hodge Auto Accident Attorneys are one such firm that deal specialized law regarding this area. It’s better to get a lawyer who specializes than one who does not.

Arrange A Ride & Haulage

Your car might not be drivable after the accident. That means you have to find a way of getting home. A taxi might be an option. It depends on how far away from home you are and the cost of getting back. If you can have a friend or relative pick you up, that’d be better. If the Police are involved in the crash, they’ll likely call for a tow company to take the car away. Depending on the state of the car it may get towed to your home, or to an impound lot for crushing.


Following the crash you need to speak to your insurance provider. They’ll walk you through the next few steps about making a claim. They’ll also talk to you about any potential court case. You may be without a car for a while at this point if the damage is substantial enough. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find alternative travel arrangements to get to work, and so on. If the damage is not especially awful and the crash was clearly the fault of the other driver, you should get a payout quickly. You can then use that to pay for the cost of repairs on the car.

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