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How to Start Your Own Running or Cycling Club

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There are two extremely popular types of fitness clubs when summer arrives. Running and cycling. You may have noticed groups of people hitting the roads at all hours of the day, making the most out of the sunshine. A running or cycling club is an excellent way to socialize and get fit at the same time. You get to meet plenty of new people and burn plenty of calories. If you don’t know of any local clubs in the area, then it may be a good idea to start your own. This way you can work around the times that suit you best, as well! Here’s how to get started.


Put Together a Plan

First thing’s first, you need a plan. What days do you want your fitness club to be held? What times? Will you be exercising more than once a week? It’s a good idea to work around when other people are working or at school. For example, early mornings and evenings are best for most. As are weekends. Do you want to appeal to beginners or pros? Working out this information will help you with the next few steps.


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Map Your Routes

You’re going to want to first few routes planned out so that you have some sense of order when you start. Further down the line, your members might want to suggest their own routes. However, it’s a good idea to make up your own for now. You should cater your route to the level you chose in your plan. If you’re encouraging beginners to join then make it an easy route to start. If you’re appealing to professionals, then make it as hard as you can handle! Use a map service to plot out the different routes you’ll be taking.


Now you’re going to need to get people to join your club! There are plenty of different ways to promote a running or cycling club. Join local Facebook groups and let people know you’re looking for members. Take to Twitter and use a local hashtag to get people involved. You could also put up leaflets and fliers if you have some cash to spare. Spread the word with friends and family too. As soon as you have your first few members it’s time to get started. You’ll find more will join as word gets around.


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Going Pro

If you want to take your fitness club to another level, then you could consider going professional. This means you can enter your team into various events such as marathons and races. Consider custom bike jerseys or running kits, to give you that pro look. Come up with a catchy team name, logo and website too. This is an excellent way to add goals and a bit of competition to your new fitness club.

Enjoy It!

The best thing about this kind of group activity is that it’s a lot of fun. You’ll find that you make new friends who you can socialize with out of hours. You’ll also be getting fit in the process. Although you may be in charge of the club, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too. Make sure you’re having a blast and your members will as well.

You now have all of the information you need to start your very own running or cycling club. Good luck in your journey to fitness and fun!


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