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How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

How you feel during the day has a lot to do with how you slept the night before. For your overall health and well being, it’s important you get sufficient sleep time and quality. You’ll be able to recover from the stresses of the day as you sleep, and then feel focussed and alert in the morning. Here’s how you can help yourself to get a better quality of sleep; no more tossing and turning!

Get Rid Of All Entertainment Systems

Entertainment systems in your sleeping space are a huge no-no. Using these before trying to drift off can greatly hinder your quality of sleep, as they stimulate the brain and make you want to stay awake. You should avoid listening to music (unless it’s relaxing, meditation music) and watching TV about an hour before bed. Instead, read a book!

Exercise In The Morning/Afternoon

Exercising in the morning or afternoon can really help to set you up for the day, and help you to fall into a deep sleep later on at night. Don’t exercise too late in the evening though, as this can actually have the opposite effect on your body and stimulate you.

Eat A Healthy Diet

If you indulge in unhealthy, sugary foods; this could be the reason for your rubbish nights sleep! These kinds of foods wreak all sorts of havoc with our brains and bodies, making it harder for us to fall asleep and making us wake up and toss and turn all night long. Eat a healthy diet full of organic, natural foods and drink plenty of water and green tea to keep your body happy.

Buy A New Bed

Your bed could be the reason you aren’t getting sufficient kip. If your mattress is too hard or too soft, this can disturb you during the night. Make sure you get a mattress that suits your body perfectly, a mattress of medium softness is usually best. You don’t want to sink too far into it, but you don’t want to be stiff as a board on it either. Check out to get yours.

Take a Hot Bath or Shower

We actually find it much easier to sleep after a hot bath or shower, because our body temperature drops. Hop into bed after a relaxing hot bath and you’ll be in a deep sleep in no time!

Learn To Love Lavender

Lavender is great for relaxing our senses and helping us to drift off. Try some lavender room and fabric spray, and maybe even some lavender essential oil on your pressure points and a couple of drops in your bath.

Make a Sleep Schedule

Our bodies need routine to function properly, so just like you set yourself a time to get up every morning, set yourself a time to go to bed and stick to it.

Sleep is so important for our health, mind wise and body wise, so make sure you follow these tips to ensure you get quality sleep all night long.

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