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How To Buy A Car Using The Internet

The Internet, or the World Wide Web. Call it what you will, but most people love being able to go online and access a plethora of information in a matter of seconds! Back in the “old” days, we would have to rely on information by word of mouth, or do research in our local public libraries.

These days, we only have to switch our computers, smartphones or tablet devices on, and we have a wealth of knowledge available to us whenever we want to access it! One of the great ways of using the Web is to buy a car. Yes, that’s right; a car!

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Are you about to buy a car soon? If so, this handy how-to guide will show you how you can make the World Wide Web work for you and ultimately help you buy a car!

New or used?

The first step to buying a car is to decide whether you want a brand new or used model. Whilst it is an important question to answer, it will also help you to determine where to focus your efforts.

There are certain car websites that only advertise new cars, and others that only offer used ones. Some websites will even advertise new and used cars, just to confuse matters!

When you search online for cars, knowing whether you are buying new or used cars will help search engines such as Google identify results relevant to your search.

For example, searching for “new ford focus” will naturally filter the results to show only websites that advertise or talk about new Ford Focus cars.


The next stage of the exercise is to perform some thorough research into the specific vehicles that you are interested in buying. Websites such as “Which? Cars” and Parkers offer unbiased reviews on cars, and will even provide technical data so that you can compare models.

Research is key before any car purchase, regardless of how much it will be, as it will alert you to any likely costs you may have to bear – unexpected or otherwise. And if you have not yet taken your car choices out for a test drive, you can read about other people’s experiences behind the wheel.

Of course, you shouldn’t believe everything you read, but car review websites can help you form the basis of any car purchasing decision until such time as you can physically go out and take cars on a test drive.

Online or offline car dealerships?

The beauty about the Internet is that you can buy most things online, even cars! Most car dealer websites such as have physical premises where you can go and view all cars for sale online, whereas others are just online only.


I prefer to check out any car purchase “in the flesh” before handing over any money, but if you know what a particular car is like, and you want to buy a brand new one, organising the deal online will inevitably save you time, hassle and money.


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