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How To Buy A Used Fiat Punto

The Fiat Punto is a popular small family hatchback that has been sold both in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe for a number of years.

They are a familiar sight on European roads, because they are cheap to buy, cheap to insure and are extremely practical and versatile cars considering their size.

Having been the owner and passenger of many a Fiat Punto in the past, you might say that I am probably slightly biased in saying that you should buy one today! But I have also owned many different marques and models of car over the years and in my experience, the Punto has always been one of the best cars to own.

So if you are thinking of getting a Fiat Punto too, this handy guide will help you to buy the perfect used Fiat for sale!

What is the Fiat Punto like to drive?

Town driving is made pretty easy thanks to the car’s size and steering ability, particularly in small spaces, and there is generally good all-round visibility. What I like about the newer Puntos is that they have a “City” button on the dashboard, which provides light steering at low speeds.

For those of you that like to drive a car that offers “spirited” driving, the Punto is definitely the car for you! It has very little body roll on the twisties and is generally pretty grippy in all weather and road conditions.

What engine choices are there?

The Fiat Punto has an adequate choice of petrol and diesel engines, ranging from the entry-level 1.4-litre petrol which delivers an impressive 49 mpg to the MultiAir engines (which are also 1.4-litre) and offer 105 or 135 brake horsepower, depending on which one you go for.

If you do go for the top-of-the-range 135 brake horsepower variant, you would be surprised to learn that it offers excellent fuel economy: 50.4 mpg!

How safe is the Fiat Punto?

According to Euro NCAP safety tests, the current generation Fiat Punto (2005 to present) scored an impressive five out of five stars. On the higher-end Punto models, electronic stability control is standard and is an optional extra on the base models.

In those safety tests, the front driver and passenger impact tests scored very highly, and the testing notes that the car comes equipped with ISOFIX child restraint systems.

How much does the Fiat Punto cost?

Brand new, the Fiat Punto costs a minimum of £10,400, but it is worth opting for a used model for depreciation reasons; used prices for the current generation start from as little as £4k!  When buying used, always aim for examples that have low mileage and are as new as possible for your budget.

And as with any used car purchase, regardless of make or model, you should ensure that you do some hidden history checks (i.e. by purchasing an HPI check) so that you don’t end up potentially buying a car that has been fraudulently sold to you.


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