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How To Ensure You’re Never On The Wrong Side Of The Law When Driving

Passing your driving test can be very exciting. For the first time, you’ll be able to go where you choose, whenever you choose without the need for public transport. Most people find this to be the first real glimpse of freedom they have in their lives, but all drivers must follow legislation and stay on the right side of the law if they don’t want to end up in hot water. Considering that, the article you’ve stumbled across today has been published in the hope of giving you some advice that should help you to avoid getting into trouble with the police. Of course, this post doesn’t contain everything you need to know, so you should still pay attention to all the information you were taught during your lessons.

With that in mind, get comfortable for a couple of minutes and read through all the points made below. At the end of the day, it’s only you who will suffer if you fail to take heed and ensure you drive responsibly.


Don’t drink and drive

While the law in most countries states you can have a couple of drinks and still get behind the wheel of a motorcar, this isn’t a smart move, and you should avoid it. Alcohol impairs your ability to notice obstructions, and also increased reaction times. That means you could find yourself involved in an accident that could have otherwise been avoided. Of course, you can always find a good Los Angeles DUI Lawyer online if you make this mistake, but you shouldn’t use that as a reason to drink.


Always stick to speed limits

This is probably where most people experience trouble. When driving on unfamiliar roads, it’s vital that you take the time to read signs and ensure you’re not speeding. If you can’t see any, just stick to 30 or 40 mph until you can. All motorways have a limit of 70 mph; dual carriageways are 60 mph and most other roads will be somewhere between 30 and 50.


Ensure you have appropriate insurance

In the past, you could get away without insurance so long as you weren’t stopped by the police, but thanks to recent advancements in technology, any police you pass will have a red light flag up against your vehicle if the car is uninsured. For that reason, it’s not worth the risk. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll be in a lot of trouble within a couple of weeks if you fail to purchase an appropriate policy.

So long as you follow all those tips, you should be fine on the roads. Contrary to popular belief, most police officers have no desire to spend their days pulling people over for misdemeanors, which means if you follow guidelines and act within the law at all times, they’ll never have a problem with you.

We wish you the best of luck with all your future driving experiences, and hope you manage to live a hassle free motoring life.

Catch you later folks!



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