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How To Find Classic Lorry Parts Online

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Just like with cars, millions of people around the world enjoy the challenge of restoring classic lorries. Although lorries to many people are just simply commercial vehicles and aren’t as “cool” as cars, there is actually a huge following of LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) enthusiasts everywhere.

Such popularity has been brought into the media spotlight with various television programmes such a Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers (Channel 5) as well as various other trucking programmes both on terrestrial and satellite television channels. Just as people go plane spotting or train spotting in their spare time, there is a huge amount of people that go truck spotting too!

But being a truck or lorry enthusiast isn’t all about modern vehicles; lots of people are interested in older, classic lorries, and for those with the time, space and money, restoring classic lorries can be quite a fun if involved pastime.

Like with their classic car equivalents, finding spare parts for classic lorries can be quite challenging and at times frustrating, due to the fact that new spare parts are in short supply.

Classic lorry restorers often have to resort to fabricating their own parts, but an easier way around this problem is to buy classic lorry parts from other people with the same make and model of lorry that either have the parts available or are breaking their classic lorries (perhaps to make way for other projects).

So if you are restoring a classic lorry, here is a handy guide to help you locate those hard-to-find spare parts!

Ageing or damaged parts – which should you buy?

As I mentioned earlier, many classic lorry restorers have to fabricate their own truck spare parts simply because there is nowhere available for buying brand new replacements, or even used ones from breakers.

But sometimes you might come across parts which have definitely seen better days, such as body panels which have a lot of rust, or mechanical components which are quite obviously very old and worn.

In these cases, you have to identify what value those parts have to you, and whether you can repair or refurbish them.

For example, body panels with surface rust could be grinded back to bare metal, treated for rust and then prepared for painting, whereas others with massive holes might need a lot of welding work done.

Where to locate classic lorry parts

Thanks to the Internet, there is a plethora of places online where you can seek out parts for your lorry restoration project. eBay is an obvious first choice, as well as some of the many classifieds websites.

You should also concentrate your efforts on classic lorry forums, such as the Truck & Bus Forum.

Such websites are basically communities of people that all share common interests, and because they are specific to a certain niche (lorries in this instance), you will no doubt come across other users which might be able to offer you the parts or advice you need to help you finish your classic lorry restoration project!

Another great thing about the Internet is that it offers you a global way to seek out those spare parts, so you aren’t restricted to just contacting people from within the UK only!

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