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How to get the best deal on UK car insurance

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It’s only human nature that we should want to find the best (as well as most affordable) deal when it comes to purchasing anything.  This principle is perfectly demonstrated by the way people might shop for insurance.  Naturally, when its time to engage in signing contracts for the promise of future support from providers, there are more than a few questions to consider, like:

  1. What are all the pros and cons?  (listed and split up into categories)

  2. How much will each potential insurance plan actually cost?

  3. Is the cost of each specific plan worth it?  (comparing and contrasting each plan to determine which offers the greatest “value”)

  4. Are there any inhibiting factors related to yourself personally (like your driving record) which might raise your rate(s)?

  5. Have I really “done my homework” while searching for a provider?  (you need to exhaust all possibilities)

  6. Make sure you read all the “fine print” (uncover the details concerning what might happen under certain circumstances and how the company tends to react)

First off, make a table divided up into two vertical columns with each page containing the pros and cons for each uk insurance provider / company.  In this way, you’ll be able to clearly see what each institution has to offer as well as where they might be lacking.  While it might not seem like it’s very important, this step is crucial as it will help you to visualize both what you really need as well as who’s actually capable of giving it to you. You can also find a variety of price comparision sites such as which provide quick quotes from many different companies.

After you’ve eliminated most of the potentials down to…let’s say, 3 or 4, it’s time to take a good hard look at those that are left.  Since it’s assumed that each of the remaining plans contains the features you’re after, the only thing left to use for comparison is the cost, isn’t it?

Next, you’re going to want to really look at what sort of “value” this plan offers.  For instance, if you get excellent liability coverage yet might not be covered in the event of theft or property damage (and you happen to live in an area which is prone to criminal activity), it might be wise to consider another plan altogether.

If you have marks on your driving record, or happen to fall into an age group that requires you to pay higher rates, look for companies who are able to offer incentives to offset these costs somehow.  This might mean looking for significant rate decreases once you hit a certain age or even rewards programs for safe driving; whatever the enticement, it might very well be the thing that ends up saving you a lot of money.

Lastly, Make sure you’ve really “done your homework” – leave no stone unturned, as they say.   This applies not only to researching every available insurance plan out there, but also to examining every single detail of your contract (just to ensure that there are no “loop holes” which might exempt you from coverage and so forth).

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