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How to Get The Quickest Speed from Your Broadband

Everyone wants the quickest speed from their broadband as having slow to load web pages and download speeds can really hinder our productivity. So how do you get the quickest speed possible from your broadband? We’ll tell you:

Know Your Maximum Broadband Speed

It’s no use trying to make your broadband go faster if it’s already going as fast as it can. This is why you must know your maximum broadband speed. There’s no point in contacting your provider or messing around with settings until you know your maximum capable speeds.

How fast your broadband goes will usually depend on a few factors, including the clarity of your line and how far away you are from the telephone exchange. From your local telephone exchange to your actual address, the line can be miles long. The longer the line, the slower the connection. Before signing up to an internet provider for a phone line and broadband be sure to ask the estimated speed you should be getting for your area.

Don’t Turn Your Router Off

Some people turn their router off mistakenly thinking that they’re doing something to help their connection/electric/energy. The truth is if you start regularly turning your router off at night time before you go to bed (or any time), then your connection will actually begin to run slower. This is because to the exchange it will look like your line is disconnecting and is therefore unstable and unable to handle fast download speeds. Speed reductions won’t be permanent so don’t worry if you’ve been doing this but it may take a few days to go back to normal. To really get the best speed out of your broadband, leave your router permanently on.

Check Wireless’ Signal

If using a wireless broadband connection, you should check it’s signal strength and also it’s security. An unsecured network can work a lot slower than a secured network. If it turns out that your wireless signal is really poor, there are a few things you can do to speed it up:

You need to find the best place to put your internet router by asking yourself: where’s the best place for broadband signal? Where’s the best place for wireless signal?

For your broadband signal, try connecting your router to the main telephone socket. You don’t have to use this socket but you’ll more than likely get the best broadband performance from it!

To try and sort out your wireless signal, keep your router away from walls, metal objects and other electrical appliances as this can cause interference. Your router is best placed out in the open, near the main area you use your computer. Near the centre of the house or room is a good choice!

Another thing that can cause interference is a telephone extension cable of poor quality. Long ethernet cables are much better tools for getting your broadband to go faster, or better yet go wireless. If you have to use a telephone extension cable, make sure it’s high quality and not tangled or coiled. As short as possible is best!

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