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How to Prepare Small Children for their first Dental Visit

As a baby becomes a toddler, they will begin to see their first milk teeth. Teething is a big issue for parents and children as well, as the process can make you both miserable. Once your child has a few teeth it is time to visit the dentist. You want to have your child’s teeth growth recorded and establish a relationship with a local dentist. It is also important to prepare your child for this process. Going to the doctor can be a traumatic experience and since the dentist looks very much like the doctor’s office, you need to make the experience as painless as possible. Below are a few tips to get your child ready for their first dentist visit.


First you will need to begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear. You will need to purchase a small toothbrush that fits your child’s little teeth. You will also need specialty toothpaste for your child. You can make brushing fun by singing or playing a game. Making this experience fun will allow you to start off on the right foot.  You can also mention the dentist and describe the appointment so that your child is prepared for the trip. The more you make the trip as exciting as possible, the better your child will feel as they go in to the appointment.

Dentist Appointment

After making the appointment, tell your child about the dentist. Tell them that you will be going to have their teeth checked. Be sure to have plenty of time to get to the appointment so you are not rushed or stressed. If you make the appointment seem exciting then your child will be less apprehensive. Once you arrive, be sure to bring items for your child to keep their attention. A book or toy is a perfect distractor and if you child has an item that they feel safe with, this can also be of help. Stay calm and make the appointment seem like a game or exciting experience.

When the Appointment is Over

Once the appointment is over, you will need to keep the proper scheduling. You want to take your child every six months to keep them in the habit of visiting the dentist as well as keep your child’s teeth in excellent condition. With regular check-ups you will be able to avoid any fear that may appear as well as teach your child proper dental hygiene.

Once you establish a regular routine with your child, they will be on the path to beautiful teeth. You want your child to be healthy and proper dental care is one of the best ways to remain healthy. Not only does proper dental care keep your teeth in excellent condition but your overall health is also connected. Find a local dentist you trust and begin the journey for you and your child.

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