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How To Start Your Own Country

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Unless you’re willing to recruit an army of mercenaries and overthrow governments and monarchies, it’s probably best to take the advice listed in this post. Starting your own country is not only a fun idea, but it’s also completely possible. While most people don’t realise it, there are a number of different small countries around the world that have been started by people just like you. With that in mind, the article you’re reading at the moment will provide you with a step by step guide that explains how you should go about it.

If you’re tired of crazy politicians and silly laws that prohibit people from getting medicines, this could be a fruitful endeavour. Of course, you’re going to need some citizens before your country will be complete, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding people who are willing to give it a go.

Decide on a name and constitution

All countries need a name, and yours can be as silly or irrelevant as you like. Try coming up with something that explains the nature of your new civilisation. If you hope your country will be an enjoyable place to live with no discrimination of any kind, you could call it something like “Happy Land.” The decision is your own.

Also, you’ll want to draw up a constitution that tells your citizens how they are expected to conduct themselves. Try to avoid anything too draconian and remain a considerate leader. People will soon leave if they’re expected to follow silly rules that make no sense. Indeed, that’s why so many people are emigrating to Australia from the UK at the moment.

Ensure you cover the key elements

International law states that the area must contain all of the following to be considered a real country:

  • A defined territory. That means you need to purchase some land.
  • A government. While you could opt for democracy, a dictatorship will work just fine.
  • The ability to form relationships with other nation states. Why not send the Queen of England a postcard and ask if she would like to visit?

So long as your country has all those elements, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be recognised internationally as a nation state. While you are free to declare ourselves a country at any time in any place, you will have no legitimacy unless you satisfy the terms listed in those bullet points.

Make sure your citizens are kept safe at all times

As leader (or King, if you like), you will be responsible for your citizens. That means you need to take their safety very seriously. Crime may be a problem in your new country, which is why it would be wise to implement a court system. Also, you’ll need to think about how you will make your country a pleasant place to live. It would make sense to get in touch with a column and pole manufacture specialist and to create some street lights as most crime happens at night.

Now you know how to start your own country, we look forward to hearing about your progress over the next couple of years. Many people have done this in the past, so it’s certainly not impossible. If you’d like to find out more about how others have started their own countries, there is lots of information online. Just do some research.




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