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How To Know Whether You’re Over The Drink Drive Limit

The confusing thing about a drink drive limit is that it’s never perfectly clear whether you’re over it or not. You could have one beer before heading on a drive, and you never just know if you’ve overdone it. So, we’re going to try and make things a little clearer with some info we’ve gathered for you. However, be warned – it still isn’t as cut and dry as you might have hoped.


The Law

So, the law about drink driving is different all around the world. We’re focusing on the US today, and some limits also depend on different states. In general, you’re looking at a .08 blood alcohol concentration (we’ll explain more about this later!). This limit isn’t substantial, and it’s entirely possible that just one drink could push you over the limit. For many, one drink won’t quite be enough to do it, though. There are a lot of factors at play, as we’ll explain soon.


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Blood Alcohol Concentration

What is your blood alcohol concentration? Basically, it’s a way of determining the alcohol levels in your bloodstream. It’s affected, obviously, by the amount of alcohol you consume. Also, it takes factors like age and weight into account, too. It’s measured via breathalyzer tests in most circumstances. Simply put, it’s a way of allowing others to measure the quantity of alcohol in your bloodstream, and how likely it is to affect your driving.


The reason why we can’t give you a cut and dry statement about knowing whether you’re over the limit is because of the factors involved. Your blood alcohol concentration is affected by age, weight, the amount you’ve eaten, tiredness, and more. It can simply be a matter of your metabolism that affects the decision. There are so many factors involved that the limit can dramatically change from person to person.


I bet you’re feeling a little bit confused, right?! I mean – how are you supposed to know what to do? Well, bringing a designated driver along with you is a great bet. If you can’t do that, the best alternative is always to remain sober. If you feel you simply have to have a drink, there are a few ways to try and reduce the effects of alcohol. Take your time, don’t drink on an empty stomach, and make sure you’re choosing a low-percentage drink, for starters.

What To Do If You Get A DWI

Let’s say you’ve had one beer, and now you’re back on the roads. Then, a police officer stops you on the side of the road and breathalyzes you. “You’re over the limit,” he says. If you truly believe that you weren’t over the limit, contact a DWI lawyer to fight your case. You can also ask for the breathalyzer test to be redone if you feel the results are way out.

As much as we’d love to give you a definitive answer, we can’t. The best advice we can give is to remain sober if you’re ever going to be behind the wheel.

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