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How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is one of the things that can keep a partner awake at night, and can be a cause of many arguments; in fact 28% of women aged between 35 and 45 snore, with 40% of men that do so in the same age bracket. Over the years there has been many gadgets and remedies to help reduce or even cure the snoring.

The main causes can be being overweight, alcohol and smoking; so losing a bit of weight or cutting down on drinking and smoking can help reduce the snoring. If these things do not apply to you, it could be that you have smaller nasal passages, or they might swollen or blocked due to a cold, hay fever or sinusitis problems.

I have tried a few remedies myself with varied results, so if your hear looking for a cure on how to stop snoring then read on.

1 – Herbal Anti-Snore Spray

There are various sprays available, but they all work in the same way, by shrinking the nasal lining making it much easier to breathe; the spray also helps to lessen the tightening that can happen to the roof of your mouth which aids in stopping it from vibrating. Although these have not stopped my snoring altogether they have helped in reducing it, I also found with a couple of them that I had a funny taste and bad smelling breath the next morning.

2 – Nasal Strips

These strips go across the nose and are designed to open the nasal passage, they are fairly cheap to buy and easy to apply. My partner said that I did still snore with them, although a little quieter, for me I found that I had slept better.

3 – Chin Strap

This is a strap that goes around the head, the cupped part goes under your chin and is designed to help keep your mouth shut to stop the snoring noise from coming out. This felt uncomfortable and did not really work for me, as I am a nasal snorer and I did end up taking it off through the night.

4 – Nozovent

This is a plastic device, which is quite flexible and goes up into the nose, although this was not too uncomfortable it did feel strange. Nozovent is used to open up the nostrils to allow more air in so that snoring is reduced. I found that I did have a better nights sleep and my snoring was reduced, I think I only woke up a few times because of the odd sensation of having something up my nose.

5 – Pillows

It is said that by having higher pillows is a good and cheap way to aid snoring. it works by stopping the tongue from falling too far back into the throat, however this only really helps if you sleep on your back. There are some pillows out there that work by vibrating when it picks up a snoring sound, I have not tried these are they are hitting the $300 mark and are from Japan.

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